About Kanpai Japanese Steak & Sushi and reviews


 Leesh T.

I am very please overall with my experience here! The only quarrel I have would be the imitation crab in the sushi which does not make the cost justifiable. Other than that from start to finish I enjoyed the meal. Seating was prompt and I could not help that this was one of the more well kept establishments. The decor is modern and very clean. There was no show from the chef but I didn't mind because we had no children in the group and if you've seen it once you have seen it all pretty much. The yum yum sauce and salmon and shrimp hibachi were amazing. For two combination meals with non alcoholic drink w/ gratuity our total was 2. Be mindful that gratuity is added for parties 6 or more.


Mallory P.

We've dined in hibachi restaurants across the US with the GOAT being Teppan Edo in Epcot. Now we limit the excitement to celebrate birthdays only. As seasoned hibachi-diners, we know the routine: overpriced food cooked in front of you, the onion volcano, and the absurd check to round off the meal. At the risk of sounding totally jaded, it's a once-per-year tradition and collectively, we've adopted the attitude of, "Let's just get this over with." The show and the flavorful food, with a touch of nostalgia, make it palatable and, after all, a birthday is a birthday. I'm going to give it to you straight: Kanpai was pitiful. It's a tangible analogy for "literally not trying at all." To start, we waited an unreasonable amount of time to be greeted-- not even seated-- I was looking for some sort of acknowledgement that we had arrived... eye contact... anything... Bueller? Listen, I usually give a heavy eye-roll when I read Yelp reviews that make a fuss over insufficient greetings, but it's discouraging to be passed over multiples times without so much as a nod. The menu is very lackluster-- even for hibachi. It became inherently clear not even the kitschy laminated menu fan could save this experience. Our chef was about as exciting as watching paint dry. In fact, we strained to see the chef 2 tables away for a well earned reprieve. The food was so bland and basic, I ordered edamame and an avocado roll in an attempt to make this meal worth my while. Again, if I could attribute a color to this food, it would be beige or a weird muted yellow. To add insult to injury, I had to flag our server multiple times to ask for soy sauce and chopsticks. Needless to say, the servers were cold and inattentive. What a waste of time and money. I think we'll forge a new tradition next year... Mexican anyone?


Riaz D.

I've eaten here several times and the food is always good. The service is typically slow...if you want drinks you better order then immediately or you won't see your server for a long time. The cooks are hit or miss with entertainment value, Ive had awesome ones and bare minimum dull ones. I still love this place, but it's a bit pricy compared to other hibachi places.


Bonnie P.

A real disappointment!We had "lunch" reservations at 2:00pm, but when we ordered at 2:15pm, we were told we had to order dinner.  Several of us ordered tuna, yuck!It was tiny little pieces & looked like it had been frozen ... not pink.  After it was cooked and sauced to death, it had no taste at all.  Chicken was rubbery & no taste.Not going back.


Yasmeen A.

Great service! The food was amazing and the chef was fantastic. Was very accommodating when asked for some different things.


Joyce M.

The food is very good. The reason for the two stars is because they add random things and charges to your bill. If you are going to go here make sure to check your bill! Also the hibachi wasn't worth it. There was no show and it was kinda lame. Try a different hibachi if you wanted a show


Doug G.

Was in Richmond for a couple of days with a group of coworkers, we were split between sushi and Italian one night for dinner so naturally we go Hibachi and end up at Kanpai! I can say with confidence that not one of us regretted that decision at nights end.Once you have had one hibachi place, you have pretty much had them all. Kanpai was very similar to most others I have had in quality, chef showmanship and price...and there is nothing wrong with that! When you walk in, there is a small dining area to the right that houses the bar and sushi bar - this is for the folks who are not interested in hibachi (I feel bad for them!). Straight towards the back and to the right they have two large hibachi rooms with 4 stations seating 13 - 16 people comfortably. It is always fun to get a show with dinner and that we did! Our chef was personable, fun and talented with his tricks as well as with his cooking. Most of us ordered the steak and chicken, with a few folks ordering the scallops. All items turned out juicy and perfectly cooked! While our chef was excellent, the server had kind of a sour attitude it seemed and she was a little off putting - but, it wasn't enough to ruin the meal or change our overall opinion of the place! Overall, Kanpai delivered exactly what we were expecting it to...a great meal at a decent price prepared with flare sided with some great saki! I have a lot of business partners that travel to the Short Pump area and Kanpai has officially made the recommendation list!


Jamie L.

I had kanpi today for lunch. I have been here a couple of times before and it is always good. I have have a couple of there habatchi dishes. Today I had the lunch habatchi steak and chicken. The food and service where both very good. The habatchi chef was good but not really overly exciting. That's ok though there where only 4 people at the table and two of the other people where very demanding and specific on there food. The steak and chicken where both seasoned very good and the onion soup and salad where good as well. I would recommend giving kanpi I try if your in the area. I would say check them out for lunch if you can there prices are better for lunch than dinner.


Caroline M.

Great traditional sushi! The spicy tuna and spicy salmon are some of the best I've had. The hibachi is good - not great. The restaurant has an awesome setup for hibachi. But the bar is somewhat dark and they only have a limited number of tables for people who are not interested in the "dinner and a show" hibachi-style set up.


Andre S.

I have to continually complement this restaurant.  If you are having a birthday celebration, this restaurant will give you a spectacular gong banging birthday show.  I recommend that you bring your cameras.   The habachi area and lounge area are simply awesome.  In the lounge area, there are TVS' and a full bar.  The habachi area is where the birthday celebrations take place.  I  want to reiterate.  The gong birthday celebrations are spectacular!!!!!!  From the habachi menu to the sushi menu, you will not be disappointed!


Oliver L.

Kanpai is a good place for hibachi. The chef are polite and kind. Service is always great. Food is always cook to the point. There's not to many good places for hibachi but we have been here a few times before and every time we come. We are never disappointed with the food or service. Even though it's a drive for me since I live in downtown and driving all the way to short pump. It's one of those where you know the food is good. You will go and support. If anyone ever in the area. Check this place out.


Pamela M.

Food was excellent and delicious servers and the chef were awesome! everything from the rice to the sauteed veggies to the steak and chicken very mouth watering!,


Ross J.

Great experience. It's the best Hibachi in Richmond. It was my daughter's first time at a Hibachi and she LOVED it. She had such a great time and the food was great. We can't wait to go back!


Trish H.

Was told they could accommodate a seafood allergy by preparing vegys in the kitchen and then told no, so my daughter in law just sat there while we all had hibachi.  The shrimp very under cooked.  Told them we were celebrating my husbands birthday when I made the reservations and also told the server when we were asked if we were celebrating anything-birthdays celebrations all around us.  We got nothing.  Talked to the manager after dinner and my complaints fell on deaf ears.  She did not care.  Spent 0 tonight and really, really disappointed.  Food was OK at best.Will NEVER go back.


Olivia A.

Loved the food and service! Khash was super accommodating and very funny! Definitely coming back!


Jessica M.

Best hibachi in Richmond! We've eaten here 4 or 5 time and have never been disappointed. Their mixed drinks are also super yummy!


Alicia W.

Very good. Our chef was very entertaining and kept us engaged while he prepared our food.


Chris V.

We took our son here for his 5th birthday. Our friends brought their kids, we had one big table and the food and entertainment was great! We had a really good time. The staff was attentive and accommodating.


Priscila S.

We are back and were very well hosted by this lady we believe is the owner. The best Japanese Steak House in RVA. I love their Samurai Steak. Ask for medium rare, if you want it medium ;)


Kody W.

Kanpai is one of my favorite places to go to experience luxury hibachi.  I've been to this location a few times and the food was always very well cooked, tasted good and the overall restaurant and service met expectations.  I also have never experienced any issues here which is why I rate them 5 stars.